Our Story

WeSearch Foundation was created by Guillaume Curaudeau and Chris Rovin in 2011.

Chris and Guillaume were working in a brain tumor research lab.  They realized immediately how hard it can be for small labs to raise money.  If a lab doesn’t get a grant, it can be very difficult to conduct research.  Chris and Guillaume wanted to give these labs a way to raise money by promoting the things they know best- the research.

Chris and Guillaume also knew many patients.  One of these patients was Michael.  Michael was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer.  Being familiar with medical research, Chris and Guillaume thought they’d do one better than run a 5k in his honor- they would find a lab researching his condition and donate directly to them.  To their amazement, Chris and Guillaume could not find research on Michael’s cancer.  They thought patients and their loved ones should be able to take a pro-active stance and donate directly to the labs.

Chris and Guillaume knew they could solve two problems at once.  They could fund research by letting labs communicate with, and raise funds from, those who need the research the most.  And they could empower patients and their loved ones by increasing the spread of knowledge and transparency.  Who better to explain a condition than the people researching it every day?  This is how WeSearch was born.  Oh, and in case you were wondering, Michael’s cancer is in remission and he’s the Treasurer of the WeSearch Board.

Chris Rovin


BA History, University of Michigan 2010



Guillaume Curaudeau


BBA, University of Michigan 2011